about thesmartrapp

thesmartrapp is the "only of its kind..." And will change your ideas about a social network. So, why does it make sense?

You can be social, earn, and learn.
thesmartrapp is built for sharing life-changing moments, promoting a community of great brands, and learning how to maximize your earning potential.
Your friends become your Empire.
We have a saying... "share your referral code, before your friend does." Your friends list becomes your network of buyers. When they spend in the marketplace, and their friends spend, you earn.
By the people, for the people.
Like all Smartr brands, it makes sense, because you are doing it anyway. Our life is filled with moments we love, and things we love to buy... And we tell everyone to buy those things. Now, we are getting paid for it.

smartr features

Get ready, because thesmartrapp 2.0 is about to launch. Not only will it be the ONLY social network you use in the future, it will also be your common identifier among the brands you love to promote.

Register, refer, earn.

Use thesmartrapp to login to your SmartrWallet, or any Smartr Website or Smartr App using our software.

A familiar interface.

It won't take long to get used to the social aspects of thesmartrapp. Except here, we only share life changing education and experiences.

Made for mobile.

thesmartrapp works across all platforms. Manage your profile, converse with your friends, and track your earnings.

A Marketplace that earns.

You know us... we believe in sharing the wealth. Our marketplace uses our proprietary referral system, so you can share, shop, and earn.

A place to build wealth.

Our platform is not for spamming, or venting about your ex. Everyone using thesmartrapp is interested in educating on wealth building, or being educated.

Did we mention, you can earn?

Invite your friends from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The more friends you invite, the more money you can make!

It's going to change a lot of lives...

"The next release of thesmartrapp is going to show the world what our original vision was for first app. When we launched the beta version, it was just something to show the world that the concept could work... and now, we can show the world that it does work... and works great. It's going to change a lot of lives. The whole damn system will." - Jason Criddle

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